Commute Exeter survey opens 7th May 2016

The survey has now closed. Thank you to everyone who took part

If you have any queries about the project or survey, please contact Prof. Stewart Barr on or 01392 723832.


People completed our recent survey.

About the survey

(please note that this project is now closed)

Over 3,000 local people completed our commuter survey, as part of the 2 year Engaged Smart Transport project aiming to reduce congestion in the region. What a fantastic response! - thank you to all.

The project involves the University of Exeter in partnership with Devon and Exeter Councils and four commercial partners (NTT Data, Vaisala, Dynniq and Black Swan).

This survey was the start of an ongoing involvement by local people – and your opportunity to help make some real-time everyday changes to the travel habits and motivations of commuters in the region. The survey is the first of two Phases that the University is responsible for, and the results enabled us to select which segments of the local population were most likely to be able to help us to co-create some worthwhile and effective approaches to reduce congestion using smart technologies, changes in transport infrastructure and promoting behaviour change.

The information from the survey enabled us to understand more fully about the types of people who commute in and out of Exeter and the nature of decisions they make about their journey. The advances in technology means it is possible to collect a vast amount of real-time data about people's patterns of movements alongside, for example, the weather, traffic congestion or the public services available at that time. The work here at the University complements that data by exploring the human factors, with insights into behavioural decision-making, travel mode shift and engagement in smart technologies. Knowing more about commuter habits and how to promote ways to reduce the congestion is vital to ensure we maintain the quality of life in our City so it continues to be a great place to live, work and study.

If you have any queries about the project or survey, please contact Prof. Stewart Barr on or 01392 723832.

Prize draw

The draw for the iPad Pro prizes has been completed and the 4 winners have been notified. Congratulations to Nick Tabor, Nicky Richardson, Alex Thomas and Lloyd Brina.