Traffic jams

Why public participation was so critical to the success of the EST project

(please note that this project is now closed)

Technology is advancing at a great rate - and there is no getting away from the reality that we are now able to collect and analyse big data, as it is termed, on just about anything.

Equally so, the Consortium for this project consists of a team of experts in a number of disciplines in the IT, commercial, data analytics, public and academic sectors to create a highly effective combination of thoughts, knowledge and understanding.

However….none of that necessarily finds the solutions nor has the desired impact on the traffic congestion in and around Exeter, without the human element - the input from the local people; the people who use the transport networks as part of their everyday lives.

For the project to be a success, local people must be placed at the centre - their knowledge, their expectations, their perceptions, their desires, their frustrations. We want them to be actively involved in the project, integrated and empowered so they are forthcoming with views and opinions about where they are at now and why, and active participants in the co-creation of interventions that will make a difference and realise the vision of better commuting everyday, with improved flow within the transport networks.

With the local people, there is the potential to make real long term changes and benefits to the traffic congestion and mobilities of people travelling in and around Exeter - and the creation of a framework that can, potentially, be applied further afield.